Congratulations On Signing Up Recruit!

We’re very glad you have signed up to show your interest in this universe and the many space battles involved. We will of course be adding a fair bit to this page over the next week or so, but for now, here is a nice little 3D image of a KTC pilot’s Helmet.  

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Join the Krucer Technocratic Commonwealth Royal Navy

Read the table below to find out more about the Krucer Technocratic Commonwealth and how our Royal Navy is working to protect us from the corrupt GDU, and their efforts to destroy our freedom. Krucer Technocratic Commonwealth GDU KTC OverviewGDU  Overview The Krucer Technocratic Commonwealth (KTC) is an advanced society guided and stabilised by the beloved […]

Join The Galactic Democratic Union

Read the table below to find out more about the Galactic democratic union and the KTC aggressors who would crush our peaceful and tolerant society under militant boots. Galactic Democratic Union KTC GDU Overview KTC Overview The Galactic Democratic Union (GDU) is a vast collection of united – yet diverse – worlds, organised by a […]


The The Krucer Family and everyone in the Commonwealth thanks you for your interest in serving your people. Please fill in the enrolment form below to become a proud member of the Royal Navy. You have chosen a great path to protect and serve the people. May your hard work and dedication lead to prosperity in all […]


The Galactic Democratic Union thanks you for your service. Please fill in the enrolment form below to become part of our great star force. There is no more virtuous cause than to protect the peoples and cultures that make up this great alliance of worlds. Welcome to the GDU Starforce pilot! Notes: We categorically will not pass […]


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